Saturday, 7 April 2012

All the way from Mumbai to Ahemdabad

Priti Srivastava (student) went on a vacation to meet her family back in Ahemdabad. She's one of those few who took up work even while she was on a holiday. It's rare to see people take work on a holiday unless it's a paid job. Well, Pritii's passion was the driving force!

She carried with her 40 books all the way from Mumbai to Ahemdabad, all determined to let her home town know what Chetana Institute of Management inculcates in students and spurs them to action to taste what field work has to offer towards better learning & development. She visited a corporate named TATA Steel to sell Gandhiji's books on His autobiography(My experiments with Truth), Gandhi-the CEO and Gandhijian Management. She first spoke to the Mr. Harishinder Garg, Head Officer of Marketing who was initially hesitant to take the books however after Priti convinced him about the book, he took a copy of Gandhiji's autobiography saying,"I'm not sure how Gandhiji's philosopy would be applicable, I'll neverthless read the autobiography; If I find this book interesting, I'll try other books you are selling." Guess what! Next day Mr.Garg calls Priti up saying that he is keen to purchase other books too.

Another employee who was a new joinee and had been just 2 months in the organisation said,"I'm buying this book because I've just starting my career and I would want to learn management fundas from this book to soar up the ladder in my company."

Priti says," I had never done such a selling activity before but it was truly an enriching experience! Her paramount learning from Jagruti 2012 is that just as she gave Mr.Garg a sample of the book, he was later convinced to take other books. She states,"Providing a relatively low priced offering as a sample can instigate the customer to go for an expensive offering after having built the confidence of the customer."

Something that you and I can take back is that People Management acts like a carrier of your activities in business or job; In this case she used it to her advantage for her selling activity, thus achieving targets at one go. Now this is what we all should emulate.


  1. Really nice work done by Priti.....

  2. Absolutely Nikhil! I'm sure she'll bear the fruits of her hard work.....she's an example to other students here!

  3. Way to go Priti... you are showing your friends what one can do - either work or... make excuses ;)